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Digital Printing

• The Iridesse Production Press
• Versant 180 Press

Horizon has recently updated our digital printing presses! We’ve upgraded with two new Xerox presses:
- The Iridesse Production Press
- The Versant 180 Press

The Iridesse is a six color digital press, allowing CMYK and two specialty inks to be printed. In fact, it is currently the ONLY digital press that can print metallic gold or silver dry ink, CMYK, and clear dry ink in a single pass.

Our new press has a lot of features and advancements “under the hood”. There’s a lot of technical jargon that translates to “it’s better!” or “it’s ahead of the industry”. But beyond just being new and improved, there are some exciting features that have had us doing Chris-Pratt-meme-faces. So let’s take a look at what benefits a customer can expect to see from our new press.

• HD EA Clear Dry Ink can create beautiful spot embellishments, and even tamper-resistant watermarks

• HD EA Silver Dry Ink and HD EA Gold Dry Ink laid under CMYK can create iridescent metallic palettes. These can also be used as an overlay, and not only is the quality and image amazing, the turn time is, too!

• A wide variety of stocks can be used
- From 52 to 400 gsm (35lb text to 145lb cover)
- Increased stability for mixed and specialty stocks
- Sheet sizes between 7.2 x 7.2” up to 13 x 19.2”, which gives us flexibility to fit and print your job in the most economical way

• High Definition Emulsion Aggregate (HD EA) Toner helps tighten and sharpen text and fine graphic details, as well as improving tints, solids, and photographs within your job

• Advanced color handling and print imaging technology helps us accurately reproduce your job and make sure it grabs your end user’s attention just the way you envisioned it

• Opaque White Ink to come!

• Remember how we mentioned the Iridesse is the only digital press allowing CMYK + 2 in a single pass? Let’s break that down. Instead of having to be passed through multiple presses and processes, your job is printed through a single machine. That means it gets done faster and is still a stunning piece.

• Speaking of faster, the Iridesse also has upgraded finishing options that--depending on the project--can significantly reduce the turn time

Of course, reading about the quality is never as reliable as seeing the quality; so we invite you to come visit us to take a look at what we can do!

Design Guide

Visit Here to view Xerox’s guide for designing your files to print on the Iridesse Production Press